Older women, and younger men

Within the last month. I have been seeing this lady that is 35, and I am currently 24. It has been casual dates, and nothing serious, because she lives out of town. We get along quite well, but it is something that most likely won't proceed into being a long lasting relationship; due to our paths in life being so separate.

My question right now is concerning the nature of our next date. For Christmas I decided to get us tickets to a show that we've both been wanting to see for quite some time. It was expensive, but definitely worth the experience. It was going to be us both heading off to the show, and then having dinner before she left town.

Within the last few days. She made the suggestion of spending the night after the show, and I agreed as it would be nice to have a little more time to spend with one another. My friends, and I are assuming that she wants sex, but I didn't want to make that assumption alone... any suggestions?


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  • Go for it she wants more than a dinner and a show. She will thank you properly I am sure.

  • She might be using you for tht I think she wanted to spend more time with you though but she might have the intention of both being nice and wanting to have sex


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