What do i do? There's this guy I really like and he likes me too?

theres this guy I reallyyyyyy like and he liked me too. We Haven't been on a date yet. Almost every time we talk he talks about sex or sexual stuff and sometimes I ask him to stop. This last time he started talking about that stuff and I said that's all you ever talk about. Then he said he was sorry.

I sent him a text saying this "usually guys want to date me and you're the only one I really want to date but I think we're thinking differently. please tell me the truth about how you feel about me I won't get upset or anything."

He didn't respond and still hasn't texted me since then.Now I feel really bad about it like I said it wrong. Should I feel this upset about sending him that? Was it that bad?

I didn't mean for the text to sound like I could get a bunch of guys, cause I cant. I meant that's what guys usually do is ask a girl on a date. BTW I asked him out once or twice and he was busy so I'm not just leaving all the responsibility on him.


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  • He isn't looking to date you, he only wants one thing and that's why he didn't respond when you said most guys date you first.

    • Did I sound like a jerk for telling him that? Like should I be sorry for saying that?

    • I don't think so. There's a time to be sexually suggestive but that's not all the time. It just sounds like he doesn't want to date.

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