Possibly going on my first Blind Date. Any tips? Advice?

I need your opinion! I may be getting set up on a blind date with my cousins boyfriends co-worker. I hope that's not confusing haha. Basically he showed me her picture through Instagram and I thought she was pretty cute. I just don't know what to expect or what I should expect. What to ask or say, I know to just be myself and keep it cool not going too over the top. I just want to see what your experiences were like if you did ever go on a blind date. Thanks in advance!


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  • Yeah, that's pretty blind, but hey, at least you have a picture.

    I guess maybe you should at least ask a few questions to your cousin or your cousin's boyfriend about the coworker, and find out what she's like, and more importantly, ask for some common interests. What does she do? What does she like to do for fun? Favourite music, movies, TV or hobbies. If you can get any of that, it should give you some things to bring up in conversation when you're on your date. If you can't get those, then just throw some of those questions at her, yourself, and hope for the best.

    One thing I would recommend, though, is try to stay away from movie theatres unless you think you will have time for dinner or something, after the movie. Blind or not, this is a first date, and movies by themselves make for terrible dates. Anyway without anything else to go on, this is all I got for you. All I can do now is wish you luck.

    • Thank you! That definitely helped! Sounds like a good idea to me! :)

    • One week later? I guess there was no rush, huh. Well anyway, I hope everything works out for you. Also, thanks for best answer.

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  • Something that you have to your advantage: the other person is just as scared and curious. So it's something you immediately have in common and go from there. Then it shouldn;t be awkward and just talk to them about life abd stuff and if the conversation doesn't flow she isn't right for you.


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  • Yea, don't go on the date with headphones on

  • Don't forget a Condom.