How do you know if your boyfriend serious?

Been dating for little over 3 years

But he doesn't really text or call me I do it at least 90 percent of the time. He has kept a lot of secrets from me bye has tried to change and said he won't keep nothing a secret. But now during the holidays his family is over and I get it I do but he said he would text me as much as he can. But I see his cousin and sister on Facebook and they said to their friends to text them

So why doesn't my boyfriend text me? He never really does.

I just can't tell if he cares some of the Times. He tells me to suck it up some times and get over it. But he has a caring side too but mostly I only see it when were together only. When were not it comes off like he can care less


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  • Girls generally are blind in relationships to a lot of the sh*t their boyfriends do. If you're noticing all this it sounds like he doesn't care. If he can't ever take the time to text or show any sign on interest it might be best to move on.


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  • What a d***.

  • My opinion: if he is tells you I'm going to call you more I'm going to change ima text you more and he doesn't I feel like he doesn't care much . You would think that after 3 years he would have learned to appreciate you more.

    Try not texting him or calling him often see how long it takes him to realize what he is doing wrong or to see if he even does. You'll know what to do be smart about it.