Girl I like is starting to date someone else. Advice please.

Alright I know this is not a good situation but here goes:

I am currently in a relationship but a couple of months ago I began talking with another girl and we became friends. She and I have not had anything physical occur between us but we have talked about the fact that we really like each other (though we haven't directly discussed dating out of respect to my girlfriend). She was initially dating someone else when we became friends, then she broke up with him and was single for a while. Now she is talking to someone else and I feel terrible about it. I'm trapped in my relationship and can't find a way out. I know it's terrible. What can I do?

I can't exactly say anything to her because I am in a relationship myself and I live with my girlfriend.


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  • Sounds like karma.

    • It probably is, that's why I said I know it's terrible.

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    • Perhaps I should. The root problem here is that I am unhappy with my girlfriend but don't know what to do about it.

    • Maybe it's time to break up and reevaluate your situation or what you want in life. Odds are the newer girl wouldn't have worked out. It doesn't sound like your in a place to give that an honest shot.