Do you expect a kiss at the end of a good first date?

What's your expectations or hope at the end of a first date?

Personally, even if the date went phenomenal, usually it's the first time I'm really getting to know them and I'm not all that inclined to go in for a kiss on the first date. I'm in no rush, but now I'm wondering if I might be giving off the wrong impression by not doing so. Might it be sending the message I wasn't that thrilled with the date because I didn't go for a kiss?


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  • I expect something, a sign there is something more than friendship between us. As mommymonica said, it could be a hug or a peck on the cheek. I'd be surprised to be kissed on the lips for a first date, but I would end up moving on if there was no sign whatsoever...


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  • I personally expect the least a hug and peck on the cheek.

    • And if it's just a huge and an enthusiastic "I look forward to doing this again soon"?

    • exactly.something to give the girl a clue you liked her,enjoyed yourself and want to see her again.I've beeen on dates where the guy didn't seem at interested and no kiss or nothing.I. move on because I assume they aren't attracted to me or interested.

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