Did I mess up my chance with him?

So after a month and a half of on and off short texts and not knowing each other in person, only by Facebook and instagram. On a Sunday, about two weeks ago, this guy ended up asking when we were going to meet in person, he told me Fridays worked for him and he gave me his schedule, I agreed that Fridays worked for me. Thursday came by and he only texted hi:), then how you been and that's it, he stopped replying. Friday came and he texted, "what are you doing tonight?" I told him I had a cousins house party but that I might not go because she was at work, I asked what he was doing? He replied, "So what are you going to do? I am not sure yet" Then I said I was going to a tattoo shop with my sister for her to make an appointment but that's it. He didn't reply.

The next day I texted, hey, how are you? He replied 4hrs later apologizing and saying he was working and bearly got home. Then he didn't reply back to my text. Then on that weekend he liked a pic on my instagram, I texted happy happy holidays and no reply.

Did I blow it by sounding unavailable that Friday? It's he not interested or is he confusing me? What should I do?

Yet one day he texted goodnight :) out of the blue, he does that a lot. This all happened 1-2 weeks ago.


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  • If it were me:

    Judging by your responses, it didn't sound like you were interested in hanging out. I mean, if a girl knows we have plans Friday and I check in with her to see if we are still on and she mentions a party she may or may not go to (on our date night) she obviously didn't take our date very seriously to begin with. After that, I would put her on the back burner and start looking for a more interested girl. An interested girl would have responded with something like "No plans ;)" with a smiley face to let me know we're still on and she's available for me to ask her out. Don't make it harder for the guy than it already is. If you are open, giving the guy good signals and green lights, HE WILL ASK YOU OUT.


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  • Text him, say you wanna meet up next Friday! Maybe he's intimidated and feels rejected since you didn't make it clear that you wanted to meet him by sounding unavailable!