Will he end up marrying this girl? Please help, I don't know what to do

Me and my boyfriend dated for 2 years, the relationship was going great till one day he decided to ignore my calls/texts for a few days.

I finally received a text from him 2 days ago saying that he has another girlfriend and has been dating her for 2 weeks(they have been best friends for a long time). He told me he "cant love 2 girls at once or he will get into trouble" he choosing the new girl over me.Words can not describe how upset I am, I've been crying myself to sleep almost every night over him. I really truly do love him.

Please help, I just don't know what to do anymore.Will he end up marrying this girl since he's known her so long and they are now dating?


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  • I was in a pretty similar situation about two years ago. I wrote about it in one of my articles. Here, take a read... link

    She and I had already been through a lot before I finally got my chance. Things went pretty well until she started ignoring me for no reason at all. I don't know what happened, but neither do I care at this point. We haven't spoken since. I know through her ex-best friend that she is married with a kid now.

    This was a very stupid thing for him to do. Chances are he was already seeing her before he disappeared. I can't say for certain if he'll marry her, but you shouldn't bother with that. You should move on when you are ready to. Don't tell him how hurt you are. After you've moved on, don't hide that your life is great without him. If he sees it, he'll realize how stupid he was. If not, who cares? You're living a happy life.

    Please do read my paper though. I hope it helps.

    • Thank you so much for that article, it really sounds like the situation I'm in. I know for sure he was seeing her before he disappeared. My biggest fear though is him coming back into my life-and me not being strong enough to ignore him. Do you think I'll ever hear from him again?

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    • Its just so weird because part of me is still in love with him and wants him and part of me hopes I never hear from again. its pathetic really- wasting all this time thinking about him when I doubt he's spending any time thinking about me.

    • It's still fairly recent. Like I said in the article, it took me eleven months to recover from my situation. And don't try these things right away. You need some time to let things settle down before you start the recovery.

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  • No one can say what will happen with his new girlfriend, but you need to forget about him.

    I can't think of any excuse for not telling you before he stared dating this girl. He's not an honest guy, and most likely the new girl will figure this out, and then he may well be wanting to come back to you again...

    • Thanks, and I agree /:

      I don't think he'll ever be coming back to me though, he's known the new girlfriend longer than he has me..

    • You're welcome, keep me in mind for best answer!

  • He will be back without a doubt.. he will see that the grass isn't always greener. He's going to end up losing you and this new girl he's seeing. if you want him back use the no contact rule and ignore the rest of his texts for a month. he will regret leaving you and want you back in his life... don't settle for being just friends... the only way he can have you back is if he makes you his girl again. he's got no option !

    • I'm def going to ignore him, but I highly doubt I'll ever hear from him again. He left me his girlfriend of 2 years for this girl, I doubt he even cares an once about me. Its obvious he wants nothing to do with me.

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    • I really disagree. he left a 2 year relationship- what makes you think he'll be back?

    • because guys want what they can't have. now he's got her he's content for time being.. once he realizes your not paying him any attention he will come back. I know I'm player I've done this plenty of times before. GUILTY !

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  • Omg what a bastard. I'm so sorry. Who does that?

    • I was pretty shocked, we litterly had a convo the night before where he told me how much he loves me and then just decides to ignore me for days /: I think what hurts the most is that he couldn't just be honest and tell me about her...

    • Wow what an a**hole. I'm so sorry. I know that everyone will say this but you do deserve better. Do not have any contact with him.

    • I know I deserve better and he's an idiot but deep down inside I still love him and can't keep my mind off him. Don't worry I don't plan on contacting him.

  • This was a really sh*tty thing for him to do and technically he did cheat by going out with her whilst still with you. Who knows what will happen between the two of them,you need to realize that he didn't give you a second thought when he did what he did to you and that's not the guy you want to be with. You have to remember your still young and I know it hurts,because a similar thing happened to me,but you have to cry it all out and get on with your life at some point because you can't let him ruin your future. You have to my optimistic about your future,realize that there is someone else out there for you,who will care for you and be there to catch you when you fall. You need to surround yourself with people you love and begin to put yourself back together again,because if not it's a waste of time crying over someone who has shown they don't care. Be strong and remember you're not alone! It may feel like that but time will heal you,just give it time.