I'm really confused?

So I've been talking to this guy I met and we get along really well. But most of our conversations are just through text and sometimes phone calls. We have hung out a couple times

But lately it just feels like he's not interested but I get confused because he tells me he misses me. And also recently he just stops texting me in mid conversation and won't talk to me in a few days... We have a lot in common but I'm confused. Should I just give up and look for better or try to make it a work.. Thank you


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  • i would definitely keep your options open and not expect that much from him.

  • Are you sure he's single? Not trying to be a nay sayer because its quite possible he is just busy. Have you told him how you feel?

    • He Told me is single. And yes he knows how I feel.. He's told me that he likes me too..

    • Maybe just wait it out. But if you are completely miserable waiting for him then move on. If you are important enough for him, he'll chase you.