He stood me up, but I feel terrible for letting him go?

This guy stood me up. I texted him that day an no answer. He asked me out. But since date time he has been silent he only answered my merry Christmas text, so a few days later,I sent him a how are you doing text but nothing. Basically the text I send him he rarely answers. So I just got fed up and removed him off my fb and my phone. I just feel like I am a huge *****- but he ignored me I tried to reach out to him. I really did like him, but I chose to repsect over future love this time:/ and I don't know if that was right. Was I in the wrong to do that. I just think I deserve someone who answers, and actually cares about me.

single cat lady for life. I mean he still has my number so if he cares he can still text me, but I doubt it.

Was I wrong to remove him?

I didn't run after him either. I texted him three time total ever. The Christmas one I sent to everyone on my phone. He just happened to still be on it, and then I texted him once after he stood me up

I'm 21 by the way not 30 can't changee it.


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  • I agree. If a guy is interested he puts forth his best effort in the beginning if that is his best...well then you don't want to be around for the worst. Personally, even if he wasn't interested after he thought about it he should have been a reall man and called you...at least with an excuse. It's common courtesy as a human being. It says a lot about a person. I can respect a man more that can face the music regardless because it's the right thing to do.

    He obviously doesn't deserve your attention...and like you said if he is interested he has your number. I wouldn't waste my time on him...especially being 21. You have a whole bunch of living to do!

    I'm proud of you for respecting yourself. It doesn't mean you have to be mean or unfriendly to him if he does call...just that you aren't putting any more energy into it then you get out.

    Happy New Year! Don't feel bad at all!

    • Thank you! hopefully one day I'll find a good guy

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  • You aren't wrong to give up on him. I don't understand why it was love or nothing though? Perhaps that's just me.

    If he isn't showing any interest in you, though, best to save your dignity and give up.

    • I tried being friends I don't know him all that well. I tried to get to know him. but he doesn't even answer me back. Hard for it not be all or nothing when he won't answer. I mean he has my number if he wants to talk he can. I tried to save something g:/

    • Oh well. Never mind. You certainly don't need to feel bad.

  • You were completely right.


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  • Do not feel bad, he STOOD you up, that is not right. He is not worth your time, better to have to have found out now then later. Good luck finding a guy who will not bail on you.

  • no he isn't into you