Should I be having doubts or should I trust my gut instinct?

An old high school crush confessed to me in October after actively pursuing me for a few weeks. He once hurt me by walking out of my life without a word or goodbye, but I let him back in my life without even giving him a hard time because I believed in giving him a second chance.

When he pursued me, I really enjoyed the attention and wanted him to confess too, but when he did, I started to panic, and my first thought was that I didn't like him the way I used to anymore and that I needed to reject him. But I didn't want to hurt him because I was once hurt too, and didn't want him to feel the same pain, so I agreed to go on a date. When he tried to plan something though, I would say I'm busy. I've been trying to force myself to like him too, and I think I managed to for some reason. But now he decided he doesn't want to date anymore.

I'm a little unhappy because our friendship will never be the same again, but I can't quite figure out if this was what I wanted all along and best for us since my gut instinct was to reject him anyway?


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  • Try pursuing him. Stop being a p****. Give love a shot. He may have gotten over you though. Or maybe wants to see an effort out of you now.