A Guy I like texts me a lot then suddenly stops!

There is this guy I really like. Were both going to formal together and I think he likes me. We used to make fun of each other but not so much anymore. we text almost everyday now but he always just stops. Its not because all were texting each other is lol. and hahaha. Were actually in a conversation and our texts both are like a page. What gives?


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  • he may have something going on, or be muti-tasking..

    basicly, don't flip.. it no big. try not to read into hm to much. Guys are rather simple, at first.. the more you get to know em', the more you learn.

  • Sorry but based on what you're saying it could be anything. He could be busy, his phone could be messed up, or maybe it's absolutely nothing at all, and you're over reacting. Hey here's a funny idea. Call him, talk to him, go to his friggin' house.


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