Is dating my brother's best friend off limits?

So I told this guy I liked him like 3 or 4 years ago but since then he's gone through a tough relationship which is over for good. Anyways I brought this guy up with my mom today Because of his cat and out of no where she told me I wish you would marry him Because he's a really nice kid. (Parents are divorced and he is in my dads town so she's met him like once). Anyways he's a fresh in college and I'm a junior in high school. I hung with him a bit with my brother this past week and we tweet each other a lot. So would this be a bad thing to date him? Ps my brother knew I liked him back then.


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  • The only person that can really answer that for you is your brother. Just ask him if it would bother him if you pursued a relationship with his best friend. If the two of you have a nasty break up it could affect their friendship, so you might as well ask the one who would be stuck in the middle of the aftermath.