Why would a guy's friends tease him about being whipped to a girl he's actually not dating?

There's this guy I've been talking to for about 7 months now and a little before we officially started talking again (since we had dated before a little more than a year ago from now and we've been off and on talking since before 7 months ago) my friend over heard him with his friends once and they were teasing him about being whipped and stuff, but he wasn't denying it either! He just kept telling them to shut up and then when he saw my friend he got really embarrassed and pretty much took off. I don't get how he's "whipped" if he hasn't actually had a girlfriend in over a year. Any insight to this? q:Dating q:Dating q:Dating q:Dating


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  • You can still be whipped and not be dating someone. She just has him wrapped around her finger.


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  • Hah. Wouldn't surprise me.

    Men like to badger each other sometimes.

    If they say it, there's probably an element of truth to it.


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