Is he still interested?

My ex and I have been on and off.. we always work it out

We broke up on the 23rd of December. I cried my heart out. He was so confused if he wanted me or not. The 24th he wished me merry Xmas and asked if I was cooking. Now I can't stop texting him but he usually replies and when he doesn't.. he apologies later. He doesn't initiate the texts. Last night I didn't text him since our break up

Do you think he's over me?


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  • hun I got like that. My ex didn't contact me for a week after the break up then merry Xmas then we had a convo over text with really rapid responses on his side which baffled me. He was the last one to text and I thought I'd leave it for the night and hope he'd text me back again, but its been 4 days now and he hasn't, so now I'm thinking what the hell was all that about? does he want me or is he just messing with my head.

    I think maybe like what people have told me, he is needy and feeling lonely and wants to know you still have feelings for him so if he chooses to want to come back, he knows he won't be rejected by you. Just ignore him and wait for him to initiate contact, its probably the only way you will know his true feelings. Maybe send him a happy new year message tomorrow, but no more, don't ask any questions, nada.

    • Wow thank you for generosity. He sent me a happy new years in the after noon.. it was like

      A thread msg. Anyways I wished him back. Turned out he was having a party and he kept

      Ignoring when id ask him or say oh that's great your having a party. Totally disregardedy comments

      Anyways.. I didn't rewish him after 12am and like you said... I will wait and not text him

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  • In a week? He must have been really put off by something to be over you that quickly.

    You know, this is a stressful time for most people. jGive him until past the holidays before you draw too many conclusions about how definitive this break up may have been.

    • Im sorry I'm confused. What's a week?

      But thank you for your reply

    • You broke up Dec 23..right in the middle of the stressful holiday time, that's what I mean! This is the best answer, right?

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  • it's way to early to say that he is over you.. but I'm guessing that he's not over you at all.

    • thanks so much for your reply!

      I feel that way but then sometimes when he chats with me, it doesn't feel like he even wants me. I guess he's trying to look tough