The perfect date for you women would be?

So I have this wonderful girlfriend who I absolutely adore, we love each other a lot and really care about each other.

I'm taking my girlfriend out on lots of dates and we have fun all the time, we would go to the movies, we would go out for dinner, ice skating, horse riding, golfing, we would go do some outdoor dates.

But I would like to ask you girls out there, guys can answer too if you know what your girls like.

But what would be the absolute best date for you?

Thanks in advance :)


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  • I think you've done them all.

    Spending time with her on different place i.e. ice skating, horse riding and the likes is very charming and helps the attraction between the two of you very much alive. It creates a time distortion that she had already spent a lot of memories with you, and is willing to be with you come future time to spend the rest of her life.

    It's not about the perfect date, because YOU are already the perfect date.

    You can try going to a dancing class. It's a very physical activity, and will help you two arouse your sexual tensions. Hoho.

    • lol 'hoho'; ;)

      yeah you don't really need to wow her. just continue getting to know each other in different circumstance. she is with you so anything should be good. when you like someone you like just being with them. and uve pretty mjuch exhausted all the typical dating scenes.

      does she chose the dates. ask her where shed like to go. tell her to surprise you. ket her take on some of the stress. should help you guys bond if you're both involved in what you're doing.

    • Haha, yeah we've already danced really but it wouldn't hurt to go dance again I guess.

      Well I definitely get what you're saying, I just never thought of it like that.

      But what if we were in another country, because I've booked to tickets to Italy but she doesn't know, and I'm planning to tell her next week, any advice for a date?

      I've already thought about italian dinner and you know discover love in Italy :)

      Colosseum and whatever is in the Italian history.

      Ghanks to both of you :)

      Hoho ;)

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