Gauging interest over texts?

He always texts back within 2 min of my text no matter what. Generally it's about work stuff though he has been branching out more lately and sending a couple extra with lots of lol's. Last night he did something crazy and texted me for 30 min while out with his boys (and quite possibly drinking). Opinions.


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  • Not sure what kind of guy he is, but personally, if I receive a text when I'm not doing anything else (driving, eating, sleeping, in the shower, in class, etc.) I respond immediately. What point is there in waiting, I'd probably forget about it if I waited.

    Also, the fact that he was texting you while out with his friends is probably a good sign. Again, without knowing anything about them, the only reason I'd do something like that is if my friends were trying to pick up girls and my head wasn't in it, or if there just wasn't anything exciting going on. It's also really easy to use it as an excuse... "I'm at a bar with some friends and blah blah blah, it was hilarious."

    So basically, one is neutral and the other is mildly positive in my opinion. Try to get more to go off of.

    • Well no I already knew he was out and he has never texted that long or about stuff that is completely unwork related before.

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    • Just keep at it, and don't be afraid to flirt more if you want to gauge his reactions. Nothing over the top, just one clear thing every now and then.

    • Well apparently he was chillin at his buddies house drinkin.

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  • He's interested in you I reckon,give it time

  • I'd say he likes you

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