Would you routinely tell him that you are getting ready to date someone?

Ok, say you have a guy friend who lives 2 hours away from you. And you are planning on meeting him when you move back. You both likes each others. You sent him pictures and sometimes you even have sexting with him. But at the same time you are still dating other guys. Would you routinely tell him that you are getting ready to date someone? And you know he doesn't like it. But you tell him anyway. But you still give him hints that you want to see him.


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  • I would have asked her multiple questions. lol. I would ask her how she feels straight out how she feels. I know you asked her friend but sometimes friends can misinterpret or say things that may not be true. It's happened to mi so just in case just ask. She may feel that she sees you as dating material or that you've know each other so long and you probably get along so well that she might just give it a try. Who knows. She does. lol. So I would ask her that.

    The second question I would ask is why does she take about the other guys she is going out with when you have told her that you do not want to hear bout it. Perhaps, you didn't express yourself about how you feel about that. Tell her that you are not in a relationship and you respect that she has the right to see other people until she moves but until then you would prefer not to hear about it because you have feelings for her.

    =/ BUT! the question I have for you is..2hrs is not that far away...not a LDR IMO. Why not just date now?

    • Haha, you do have a point. yeah 2 hours is not too far. I will ask her. Thankyou, It's really nice to talk to someone about this. Thanks again :)

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    • Well, I'm weird in a sense of I don't really go by certain rules that seems like others go by. hahahhaa. She is tech not in a relationship with you. She also has that right (which she talked about with you) to see other people. So sexting is sexting and some people don't take it as seriously or do it with multiple people and others do take it seriously. She also said she was talking to someone else and if you don't like situation then you should just leave her alone or tell her that you

    • don't like the current situation and don't want to deal with it as of now and to hit you up when she moves. It's really up to you and what you're okay with and can deal with. If you're in it because you wanna be with her then I guess you really don't have a choice but if you're in it for sex then don't sweat it and wait it out and see what happens when she hits town. =)

  • Eh, you should just talk to her and cut the sh*t. Harmless flirting is fine between two friends but if one has feelings and another doesn't or doesn't admit to it then it can be hurtful. So just ask if she would be willing to meet up or date you or even likes you in that way. hope it helps

    • Well, I know that she likes me, because after a year and a half. I'm friends with her best friend now. And her best friend told me that she talks about me all the time.

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    • ^_^ well if you can be patient with it that is always a good thing. Maybe you haven't asked the right question

    • hmm...you could be right. I know she won't answer a question unless she don't understand. I ask her why does she have to tell me that she is going to date someone? In addition to that..I said is becausethat you are just being honest that even though we are talking, you are going to be dating other people until we meet? So what do you think? Did I ask her the right question?

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