Is this platonic relations or wanting more?

Back story:

- work crush gives me his number.

- we text like maddness figuring each other out for days.

- make a "date/hangout" (don't really know what to call it).

- go on "date/hangout" he pays for everything and even extends the actual time we spent to grab some supper. (all in all sparks fly).

- very gentlemanly: opens doors, guides me in the crowds, yada yada

- make loose plans to see each other again for ice cream.

- We reach contact again about a day after "date/hangout", and pick up where we left off.

Okay, so at that point- my crush for this kid is hard and because I wasn't so sure what the premise for our first encounter actually was when we were in the talks of making a second encounter I used words such as "making a date" and "taking me out" to low-key drop that I considered this a D-A-T-E as in romantics and such. He didn't seem to object these and continued making plans lol

More Story:

- set the date up for next week

- texting and general contact still soild. At one some point we even start saying "goodnights" and "good mornings" not always but sporadically.

- we add more activities to the date: movies, video games and ice cream.

- day comes! At the movies: He pays for tickets. We sit in dark theater: I'm not sure if he really even tried to hold my hand lol He pays for entire date in general again and verrrrry gentlemanly.

Alright, to the point: Our texts are long, but that seems almost irrelevant. When we're together, it's all smiles and butterflies. At times I do get awkward cause that just me- but he always has the ability to keep the conversation going which makes me feel comfortable. He also told me that I can text him whenever I want and that I could never bother him (which I find interesting lol).

So far, he hasn't tried to kiss me or even hold my hand which is...odd cause we are both in college. It's very kind, but I mean it makes me question if he's attracted to me which makes me question the whole shabang of if he sees me as just a friend who happens to be a female...or is he just a shy, kind, chivalrous type of dude?


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  • He is most likely waiting for you to make a move or doesn't know how to engage in the "Make a move" field. I think he is just waiting for that perfect moment even if it seems to you that any moment is a perfect moment, also sounds like the type of guy who takes things very slow and wants to know you more and more before things get really serious. If guys hear the word "Date" then their response will be very clear and it seems he has no objections taking you out which is evidence he is attracted to you, I would just give it time and if things don't go as fast as you want them to then you should make the move. So to answer your question I would say both but in a good way. Hope things go well!


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  • He likes you. He's either shy or being a gentleman. Or both. Hard to tell which.

    If he's being shy you might need to make a move. Just hook his pinky finger and see what happens. Or maybe he's waiting for a sign that it's OK to move. If he's being a gentleman it might be worth the wait just to see where it goes.

    He's interested, so don't think too hard and confuse yourself. Just enoy yourself.


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