What do you make of her text response.?

I'm not great at deciphering womanese and I'm new to relationships

Thx, in advance!

Yea I know it sounds like a simple text, but IDK; am I missing something or is this just what it says.


I'd really love to stay in touch with you. I'm not interested in you because I don't date unavailable women. I'm hoping to find someone else. But there is a chance when we could actually see each other and decide what we think about each other and If you're ever not seeing someone - I want to see you. If I added you on Facebook then we could finally actually - for real, see each other and we could just go from friends.


I still think it would be better for us to cut contact for now but if you ever want to drop me a private message here as friends then that's fine, although sorry if I don't respond right away as I don't go on all that often. I don't think we should be Facebook friends as I don't think I will be single anytime soon.

hope you have a good holiday with your family

take care:)


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  • She's in a serious committed relationship and does not plan to leave as she has strong feelings for the person she is with now. She's not looking to develop any sort of male friendship as it could jeopardize her relationship. I would advise you to just respect her wishes (do not re add her as a friend) or send her messages every once in a while. If her and her boyfriend break up one day, she WILL remember you and come find you. Trust me!


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