How do I find a girlfriend and keep her?

I do not know what's wrong, when I start seeing a girl, after few days, she says that she does not have the same feeling about me,

I am really kind and gentle with girls and I respect them, but what is get always is a girl leaving , I really do not know what to do.

It is hard for me to find a person to date me, and when I find her, after few times dating ,she says that she wants to leave. and they do not tell me the reason of it. they always say they have the problem, but I am sure something is wrong here that they leave me.


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  • Every single girl you started dating decided to leave saying she had no feelings for you? Every single girl?

    First of all, please don't give up on love due to a few bad experiences. There are several great matches for us in this world. The difficult part is to find them. This is why people always say "put yourself out there. Socialize. Expand your social circle. Why? because it increases the probability of meeting a great match for you.

    I can imagine how frustrating it is if every single girl you dated told you so or pulled back at the very beginning. I'm going to be honest with you. Yes, it may have something to do with you. It's not ALL about you, but sure you play an important role in every situation.

    Some of the reasons why the girls are pulling back are:

    1) You may have come off too strong. Plenty of guys get so clingy at the beginning of a relationship. They start showering the girl with lovey dovey words and throwing the "I love you" in every situation. This might scare the girls off. You gotta be patient and wait for the right time. You gotta know her better first before assuming you love her. She'll appreciate that because this means you're in love with everything about her: personality, attitude, pros and cons.

    2) You might not be as charming as they expected you to be: Girls, sadly, search for the guy who's adventurous, charming, well spoken, chivarlous, etc...even if he's a jerk. Ofcourse as girls age, they start looking for a good man. You might be a good man, but kind of boring in their eyes. In order to combat this problem, you gotta go out, socialize, make mistakes and learn from them. Practice is the key.

    3) They might not be physically attracted to you: Yeah, looks aren't everything but they are something. This is an easy one. You can hit the gym, tone up or do whatever it takes to look better. You can also change your style, but always be yourself and don't change who you are for anyone else.

    4) There might be some sort of bad attitude that nobody knows except yourself. Maybe you're cheap, maybe you lie, maybe you talk badly of others, etc...such things are so important to girls and yes, we notice them. Girls are generally into details.

    Change what you can change, but again don't ever give up on love. You will find a great match for yourself very soon. Always remember to treat her with love, care and respect.

    Hope this helps. :)


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  • It's because you're too nice to them.

    As if you're treating them a queen, even though they are not, and these creeps them out.

    The best way to avoid this is treat potential girlfriends like how you treat your friends. Don't give them special attention, and don't buy them gifts/stuffs, these will only lower the attraction to you.

    Also, be willing to talk to them about your childhood, weaknesses, dreams, wishes, and vulnerabilities.

    And also, don't present yourself as a friend. Always present yourself as a flirt, this will cause her to give you some stuffs to work on, and eventually, you'll be together. Remember, don't present yourself as a friend rather someone who is there to be with her.

    If she refuses to be with you, then you're good to go. "Next!"

    There are so many women out there, and the supply of the hot/cute ones never runs out.

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