Is he trying to avoid me?

My friend and I had been texting back and forth for about a half hour and I asked him if he wanted to hangout with me the next day, and then he stopped texting me. So is he just trying to say no without being "mean" ? I know he didn't fall asleep because he was still posting on Facebook.


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  • I guess he's not interested in you.

    Or he's doesn't want to risk rejection when he finally makes a move on you.

    Or he doesn't have any money to take with him.'

    Or he likes you but doesn't want to be with you because of friends' disapproval and other factors.


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  • Maybe he did not notice the text or his phone died?

  • He's not trying to avoid you, he's just choosing to ignore it.

    Why? Maybe he's hesitant, maybe he doesn't want to, who knows. It's not really a good sign though.


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