So guys, it seems like a lot of you would prefer a girl to go on a date out of obligation and not cancel...

Even if she has absolutely no intention of seeing you again. Is this correct? I wouldn't want someone to date me once knowing that was it!

He looks like he's in his 20's like me (25). After I agreed to the date I found out he's 40. I'm a full time student with at least 6 years of school ahead of me and no free time and he's all set up with a career and looking for a wife... It won't work and if I go out with him it's solely out of obligation.

Guys keep telling me to go. You'd really want someone to be with you out of obligation?


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  • I seriously doubt women need the recommendations of other (unknown) people to blow off someone.

    Or else, I am unaware of all the social networks that could exist 20 years ago.

    So in other words, don't go if you don't want to, and stop asking the same question over and over.


    • I don't think anyone on this site can call out anyone for asking dumb questions. That's all this ridiculous site is.

    • Never said it was a dumb question. But it's the same question you already asked a bit earlier. Is this another woman's secret, asking the question over and over until you get the answer that suits you ? Or needing to be convinced because you are secretely interested ? Anyway, you're a grown-up, so if you don't like the guy, then just call it off. If you like him, stop lying to yourself and go. What else is there to be said ?

  • I assume they say go to spare the guys feelings and because it's a bit rude, but in reality the outcome is the same.

    If you don't feel like going, don't. It'll show.


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