Why won't he call me when I ask?

How do I get over him? The guy I've been talking to for a month has been avoiding me all week, last week. He says he doesn't want to hang out with me because we've been hanging out a lot just chilling, but he hasn't introduced me to his friends or family yet, he said he would next week but I'm tired of the bull. I think he's bored and I'm getting bored and annoyed too but I don't exactly want to give up just yet. But dating stresses me out and I'm like done to the point where I want to be single for 3 long years or longer. But we work together so I guess you can say we're always around each other. I think he wants his space but we rarely ever converse at work because we're both working in different areas. I've fallen hard for him and I don't know how or why it happened either. We don't have much in common except we like to travel and he's creative, but I hate his choice of music (rap) and he's like more hip hop while I'm more rock/pop/techno. He'll play rock songs for me in the car sometimes but most of the time, he's blasting loud rap music. I want to get to know him a lot better but I feel like we never have time and him avoiding me makes it even worse! Ugh! He has this really stupid habit where he lets his phone die and no one can get in contact with him. I called him earlier but I missed his call back. He still lives with his mom so I relayed a message to her but he still hasn't called me back. by the way he never calls me first, he might text me first but most of the time, I'm doing all the texting/calling first..which sucks. He wears my Christmas present that I got him all the time which makes me think maybe he does like me. But at this point, I'm not sure. I don't want to over think things but I really just want to give up and be single. But I can't because I work with him and would still have feelings for him and get mad when I see new co-workers going out with him -___-


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    You are so not into this guy! Sounds like you are lonely and grasping onto the only guy you can right now. I'm not dissing you, so please don't get defensive, but you laid out a huge rant about a guy.

    If you truly care about him, leave him alone for a bit. Men want to pursue women. Don't keep calling and texting. All the men I know tell me that if the man wants it to happen it wil!

    And if he truly is avoiding you as you think, then why would you want to be with him?

    Good luck. Sincerely!

  • Damn, how desperate are you?

    If he has told you up front he doesn't want to hang out then that should be enough to tell you that you need to back off for a little while.

    I can NEVER understand why some girls choose to spend so much energy on a guy who doesn't give a single sh*t about them. I don't blame him for his ignorance though. You are really up his ass. Come on back out and take a breath of fresh air.

    If you truly like him, you need to give him his space and let him figure things out in his head. Who cares if you guys work together? The point is to lay low and if he likes you back, he'll make the effort to talk to you and choose to spend more time with you.

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