Is it too early to go over to his house and what should I expect?

I've been talking to this guy for almost a month now, but we've only been on 4 dates because of our hectic schedules. Anyways, we couldn't figure out what to do for our next date so he asked if I wanted to come over and just chill at his place (play the xbox were his exact words lol) He lives alone. And I said that sounds like fun.

Now I'm it too soon to go to his place? And what do I need to be aware of?

I admit, I'm young and naive and have absolutely no experience with dating and men (he's 24/25 and I just turned 21).

He said come over around 6pm which to me seems kind of on the later side but idk... :/


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  • It seems pretty open ended to me. A night of pizza, Xbox, and beers can be as tame or as wild as you want.

    Just chill out and have fun. Live a little. :)


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  • It depends on your comfort level with him. Do you trust him? It sounds like you will be safe if he still hasn't even tried to kiss you yet, and he wants to play Xbox with you.

  • please don't go. that's a invitation to ask you make love with you. if you agree with that he will go with his action. its better than yu reject it and make accuse. I think that's too soon to commit have sex with him.

    • I don't think he wants sex... The man hasn't even kissed me yet lol

    • omg you are still pure, male also like to pretend he doesn't want to kiss you to make a faking he is still pure. they pretend being ameteur so you feel that he is still pure. be a smart girl

    • guys use some trick show that he doesn't want anything. That's one of the trick.

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  • He will want the sex if it's an option, but that doesn't mean you have to go along with it. It can go as far or not far as you want it to. A night at someone's house instead of a formal date can be fun and relaxing. For it being the 5th date, I don't necessarily think it's too soon. Just make sure that you set the tone early on if you're not interested in having sex.

  • usually means he wants sex

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