Should I apologize again?

Long story short: a couple of years ago me and this guy kinda flirted a few times, but I was too silly to be able to take it easy so whenever something would happen, something that in my opinion back then led to nothing (now that I think of it I realized that it's a normal flow) I would assume that he's just playing with me ... once I did a big mistake ... we were at this party and we went to a more secluded place and I kissed me (it was the second time that that happened, first time initiated by him) ... but then, because I thought that it was just another big nothing for him, games and such, I ended up kissing another guy that night ... We met up a few days later to talk about that, but he had been the only one doing the talking and I just listened ... I couldn't explain why I had done what I had done - not because I wanted to make him jealous (seeing his face when he saw me with that other guy still haunts me) ...

He's back in town now ... we talked a few times since then, every time we'd been nice and friendly to each other but I always wanted something more ... I'm gonna go for a drink with him in about 12 hours ... the question is ... should I bring up the past or keep it light? And should I explain what made me do what I did (pretty good reason) or avoid subjects like those? I swear I tried everything to get over him but I never managed to.


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  • I think once apology is quite enough if you've already been genuine about it.


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  • No don't bring it up unless he does! Ask him about him and when he ask you about talk about how much you have grown up since you last saw him! It's sounds like yall were both young at the time when you kissed another guy! Surly he isn't still mad about that yall weren't evening dating at the time right?

    • we weren't dating but what had happened between me and him, emotionally for me, it's been the most serious thing ever.