Bf lost a friend because of me on he right to be mad?

I'm 18 & he's 20. We've been together for 5 months.

He's Pakistani & Muslim, so his parents don't want him dating a non-Muslim at all. & they don't want him dating anyone until he's out of college anyway. They found out about me via-fb a while ago & badddd things happened. So he has to hide his relationship with me off of his FB.

There's this girl who goes to our same college. They never talked in person but they seen each other around. They used to talk alottt on Facebook because they're from the same country. She's been flirting with him lately...

Well he posted a pic. I commented "You look HOT ;)" Some girl then posted right after "cute"

I said "Yeah he knows he looks cute, no need to tell him that ;) lol" She added me then deleted me. Saw on my page that he was my boyfriend. Then msged him & apologized. Then deleted him.

He got mad at me -_- "She deleted me because of u"

Does he have a right to get mad?


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  • Not really, since what you said wasn't that bad and she probably got annoyed too quickly.


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  • it seems like the green-eyed monster came out.

    So you need to ask yourself why he got so jealous... at the same time he needs to be seriously asking himself why he was flirting with the girl...

    • What? When did he get jealous? I was the one who got jealous.

      He wasn't flirting with her, she was flirting with him. He was being a good boyfriend & turned down all the times she tried being flirty.

    • Sorry I had a typo... I meant why did YOU get jealous. And then if he was not flirting with her, yes it seems that he had a right to get upset that she dropped him.

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  • He doesn't have a right to get mad. One, why would he need to? Because some girl that was flirting with him deleted him? So what he has a girlfriend.

  • No he doesn't ...that's so childish... O_O But she was messaging him and apologizing? That's such a bitchy move making you look like the jealous/bad one in front of your bf.

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