Does she like me or not? She's giving me mixed signals.

There is this girl that started messaging and flirting with me on Facebook. I do not know this girl in person but she lives in town. Like I said she's the one that contacted me first and immediately started flirting so I thought she liked me, I mean it was obvious. But then I started being spacey with her and stopped texting her for a week because I thought I was gonna move out of town, 8 hours south, so I stopped contacting her because I knew there wasn't a point to it if I was gonna move. But like after a week she contacted me asking me why I hadn't text her or tried to talk to her and I explained to her that I just didn't want to get attached to her if I was gonna move, but she was cool and said she still wanted to talk to me in the mean while I moved. I this point I thought it was obvious she was interested in me, after all why would she want to text a stranger if she wasn't interested? So I kept contact with her and realized I really like this chick and wanted to meet her. So I send her a text telling her I wanted to meet her and I was really blunt about it saying I wanted an adventurous romantic date with her at an ice rink, but she seemed really dismissive about it. This was on the 28th and she told me she was gonna be busy until the first because her parents were out of town and was gonna stay at her friends until new year. So she couldn't do it before new year, but she did say she would "love to" after that. Although she said she would love to, she has being very distant since the day I asked her out and has barely or not at all reply to my texts. Its the 2nd already and she hasn't texted me. I mean, I know I'm the guy and I'm suppose to be the one texting her first and stuff but she has been sending me mixed signals ever since I asked her out and I would have thought she had texted me by now but she hasn't. Does she actually like me or was she just being nice by saying she would love to go out with me? I asked her several times and she said it would be fun, but then again she was dismissive about setting an actual day on which we could go out. Why is she like this, is she playing hard to get?


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  • Yes, she definitely like you.

    Perhaps, she's turning down all your date invitations because she might be insecure of herself because of bad looks, no dress to wear, doesn't know what to do on a date or afraid that things will lead out further than she expected.

    • What should I do then? Should I text her normally and skip the date for a bit, until she's more comfortable talking about it?

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