How do I not let my feelings get the best of me this time?

I have a tendency of falling very hard, very fast. It's something I hate about myself, especially since I'm only 20 and the last thing I want is a serious relationship. I don't know how to change this about myself. It has happened with the last two guys I dated (the only guys I've dated). Even though I act calm and cool on the outside, on the inside I have so many feelings for the guy and I end up absolutely crushed when it ends.

This guy asked me out a few weeks ago and he's really nice. I've been trying my hardest to not see him as often as he'd like because I'm terrified I'm going to fall for him quick. And as I mentioned above, I don't want to be seriously involved with anyone because I'm just not emotionally ready for that. I'm very shy and it's just not a good time.

Can anyone help me?


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  • Instead of waiting for some aggressive type guy to ask you out, pick a shy guy, more like you, and ask HIM out!

    He won't probably cause yu to fall apart like this, since you will be the one in control, right from the start. Tell him right away what your limits are, and that you don't want any serious relationship..

    Most shy guys would be happpy just to be a companion for a while. So they'll agree to your conditions.

  • Remind yourself that it's just dating.

    Actually, you're already doing a good job by recognizing your past mistakes and taking things slow with this guy.


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