She is uncomfortable with me kissing in public.

I've recently hooked up with a sweet, smart, enthusiastic girl who is probably the best girl I've ever dated. We've been going out for about 1 month and 1/2 and I can feel she is feeling me, but I teased her today with a text that said she doesn't like to kiss in public. She texted me back saying that she does like to kiss in public, but she is not comfortable with me yet in order to do so.

So my question is should I step my game up and try harder to make her feel more comfortable around me, or should I just ride it out for a couple of more weeks and see what happens?


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  • I don't think she's comfortable with you, and a month and a half is plenty of time.


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  • You


    definitely try

    harder, and she's just

    acting like that because she's

    really into u! so

    step up your game and don't

    ask for permission just kiss

    her and go for it! be a gentlemen though,

    don't over do it


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  • ouch.. that felt like a slap in the face for me. :(

    yeah you should be with her more, take her out and be her "knight in shining armor" so to speak. maybe stage a robbery and kick the robbers(ur buddies) ass and retrieve the purse and hand it to her and she'll be like "My hero!" and then hollywood kiss annnnnnd CUT.