I like two guys! Who should I choose?

Well I like these two guys they are so nice to me and super cute! I think its more easier for me to get along with them too because I'm a super sporty girl! Anyways, one guy always texts me a lot and of course I text him back all the time! I really like him but on the other hand, I really like the other guy! Whenever this guy texts me, I get so happy! Sooo, what do y'all think? Which one should I choose? I mean, I really like them both! :)


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  • Neither.

    The reason being, you only want to be with them because it inflates your ego.

    "I like these two guys they are so nice to me and super cute!" In this statement alone, you have indicated that the only reason you want to be bothered with them is because "Me, me, me..."

    What you should do is stick to your studies, go to school and forget about the dumb asses texting you... They only want one thing: Your body. Once they have sex with you, you are just a conquest to them. once you deny them the opportunity, you are nothing but a tease to them.

    Worry about the more important things in life first. your studies... All else is arbitrary.

    • Lol! Of course imma bout my studies! I really want to get into a great college like UCLA:) but I think your right though, maybe I shouldn't choose either. But I really do like them, I'll probally just wait for the right guy! Thanx! :D

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    • Lol! Thnx for your advice!;)

    • So, how did things go?

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  • nice to see you only like them based on thier looks . guess I'm never going to get a gf

    • What? You think all girls like guys because of their looks? Just because I'm calling them cute? Omg don't assume -______-

  • Forget the cute stuff for a minute. Which one do you click with the most? Personality and all that?

    • The guy who texts me more is the one that clicks with me the most:) I feel like I maybe have a better connection with him.

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    • Thats what I was thinking:) thanx!:)

    • you're welcome :)

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