I'm dating this guy, whom I don't like too too much anymore.

Okay, I'll totally sound like a whore, but whatever- I'm dating this guy, whom I don't like too too much anymore. I know, it's stupid to be dating someone and not like them- but I'm not a bitch, and I can't break his heart. And, there's this guy that I've been talking to for like A YEAR. But, I don't want to date him, he's totally NOT my type, WHAT SO EVER. And, then... there's this guy names cole... he's SO amazing, and I really like him. It's crazy, but, I can't date him because I'm with this other guy, and I don't want screw justin over, AGAIN. what should I do?


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  • Follow your lust.

    Why would you think you're a whore? you're loyal to a guy you don't even like... Don't see how that can make you a whore lol.

    Anywayz dump the guy and go for the one you like.

    It's stupid t so stay with someone you don't like.

    Don't worry about his feelings, put yourself first.


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  • I have always believed that you can't apologize for feelings and only for actions. Your inaction is causing you all the difficulty you have and will leave you with something to apologize for. You have feelings for a guy you're not with and no feelings for a guy you're with. By keeping it this way, you have created your own problem and need to face it head on.

    Your current boyfriend needs to be told that it's time to part ways and this must be done before you consider any relationship with another.

    Suck it up and do what's right.

    • Ha, thank you. I needed that. And I will, I just... I don't know how...

    • Break-ups are hurtful, so don't try to spare feelings. Say what needs to be said and move on. Just be honest.

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  • The best thing you can do is end the relationship with your current boyfriend sooner rather than later. Yes he will be hurt but it is a part of life and he will be ok. Also by dragging the relationship out and leading him on for longer makes things worse and he will be even more hurt further down the line. If you have feelings for someone else then you and your current boyfriend are not meant to be and it is not your fault so please don't put yourself down.

    You clearly are not happy either which is not good and this is something which you can not work on to make things better in the relationship and don't say you are a Whore either because you are not and this is something which you can not help.

    Just be nice to your boyfriend about it and be mature. Meet up somewhere private and gently let him know. Be honest and say that you feel that things are not working and that the relationship has run its course. Let him know that he has not done anything wrong but you get the feeling that you are not meant to be.

    Then be single for while, for about 3 weeks to a month at least before moving on to this other guy that you like. By doing this you are showing respect to your boyfriend/ex boyfriend and you will not hurt him as much.

    • THANK YOUUU. I simply talked to him today, I was nice about it, and told him that I didn't feel like we were even dating, like we were still bestfriends. I also told him that It's not his fault, but I don't think this is going anywhere.. He told me okay, and asked for the ring that he gave me back... Just like that, he walked away.