Is it OK to text him I miss him?

I haven't talked to someone in two weeks and I miss him. He hasn't been talking to me at all. ):

Well he didn't text back :( but at least he knows I miss him I guess


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  • Sure, don't see why you shouldn't. It's nice to know someone misses you :-)

    • I just don't want to come across as creepy

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    • Then I'd say go for it!

    • Will do ma'am (:

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  • Um did ya do something to piss him off? Why is he not speaking to you? If he's just ignorin and blowin you off then the "I miss ya" text comes across as pretty needy and desperate.

    • I didn't do anything wrong that's what I don't get...he just stopped talking to me two weeks ago. No reason as to why :(

      That's what I was scared of I didn't want to sound desperate, but a little late for that!

    • Sounds like he got what he wanted from you. Guys do this sh*t all the time. Sorry girl I would just move on:)

  • Yeah, I don't see what's wrong with that(:

  • What's the background between you guys?

    • We met exactly a month ago and we had a rather fast paced relationship. We went one two amazing dates I felt the chemistry and our conversations were always great...we'd talk for hours. We had sex but like I said everything was fast paced. Last time I seen him or heard from him was two weeks ago. I've been beating myself up about the sex thing I figured he might have used me :( but I still deserve some kind of explanation