Do you guys think he likes me? or an I wrong?

Ive been hooking up w/this guy for a while now and we had a sleepover and he told me I was sexy and he asked to cuddle and we never cuddled in the past and he also gave me this bracelet and well he's never done that before and the sex wasn't as good but he did go down on me and when I said I found blowing gross he didn't make me do it and in the middle of the night he was telling me about how all year he didn't talk to me and then we talked at the end of the year (class mates) and he got laid and stuff but I don't know does it seem like he likes me?


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  • it seems like he likes you

    he wants to please you, he wants to feel close to you, he gave you a bracelet, he wants to make you happy

    and he's clearly attracted to you very much if he thinks you're sexy

    you're not wrong, he likes you

    however, if you want a relationship with him, that's asking something different and you'd have to talk to him about it

    • How should I go about it though? And should I stop having sex with him, do you think hell take me more seriously that way? Or did I blow it?

    • ask him to hang out! and see how he responds to that

      tell him you like him, that works too

      i wouldn't stop sleeping with him, but if you're interested in more, than you should definitely shift the focus of your interaction away from it so it includes other things

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  • Wait...he went down on you and you declined to return the favor...and he stayed with you the whole night? And he gave you a bracelet? And he cuddled you? What about this says that he doesn't like you?

    Now, I don't know if that means that he loves or you or anything. But these aren't the actions of a guy who can't stand being around you.

    • Trueee thanks helps a lot! I don't think I've made it obvious to him that I like him so how could I do that?

    • ...tell him?

    •'re having sex with each other...I think that's a sign that you like each other. Now, how to turn that into a relationship? That's trickier. If I liked a girl I wouldn't be turned off if she told me that she wanted to try dating, as long as she wasn't over doing it. Just don't get weird or clingy out of the blue. Just be a grown woman. Say: "Maybe we should try dating." But don't passive aggerssively drop hints. Just tell him.

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  • Baby girl this dude is all into you his a keeper

  • It seems like he does but to me bad sex is a deal breaker but how do you feel about him

    • I like him like a lot he had also said the first time we hooked up that that he got a job and that wed be able to see so many movies and I didn't take him seriously but I don't know if he's serious about me since we've only had sex

    • He really likes you don't stress ova it and enjoy him

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