Why do I only like certain type of men?

Lately, I have been dating only military guys and they always end in bad breakups. I don't understand why I can't just date a normal guy?


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  • Give it a try.


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  • Perhaps it's the unavailability, or the romantic aspect of dating a soldier. Many a movie/book have been written about military romances. They're very difficult to sustain though, and not to generalize, but many jump into relationships just to have a woman waiting at home. A couple of my close guy friends did this, and frequently cheated on their girlfriends.

    You can date a normal guy, you just have to give it a chance. You're going to be tempted to fall back into old habits because you've trained yourself to only find them attractive. Keep reminding yourself that those relationships haven't worked, and you want something new, and then give a guy a chance.

    • Thank you, you are absolutely right!