How much is too much? (texting or emailing)

Just met a guy through another friend. We've been together a couple of times with the whole group. The last time we clearly had a chemistry going on, and start picking on each other (playfully).

I had an excuse to email him today so I did.

We kept exchanging short emails about nothing really, but keeping the teasing. I just wasn't sure on when to stop it (especially since it was the first time we were communicating like this).

Which led me to create this question: when does texting or mailing become too much for a guy or girl?

Only if it's 2 on a row? Or never being the one to finish the conversation is a bad thing either?


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  • well what you should have done was take his number after a few emails and you guys could have talked on the phone to get to know each other a bit better. That is what I normally do if I meet a girl on Facebook or something along those lines.


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