Do guys compare past girlfriend's looks to new ones?

I met this guy... and we have a date next week. I know this is bad, but I've noticed on his fb that he really only hangs out with super super skinny pretty girls. Not that I have anything against them... but even the girls he has dated are perfectly fit. I have to admit, I'm definitely not. I exercise a lot, but I'm not stick think like most of the girls he seems to be around. Do you think he'd not date me just based on that? Idk, seems like an odd question... but from his fb it really only seems like he associates himself with super attractive women. I have a pretty face... but... I'm not a size 6. Definitely a "thicker woman." Not obese... but definitely not stick sized. Anyways... You think he'd not date me just because I don't look like a supermodel like his past gf's? He always seems to have arm candy of some kind. I don't know if he's one of those guys who is just looking to get some action and move on or what... I can't tell yet!

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  • I certainly have compared girls to other girls I've dated. But it's never really stopped me. If the dude seems so inclined to only date that type of girl, where is the attraction coming from anyways? If a girl who only dated guys that looked like . . . twilight guy . . . seemed interested in me, I'd definitely be more worried about the shallowness and lack or personality that they probably entail.

    • Oh I see. So you wouldn't not date a girl because your last girlfriend was "hotter?" I think you make a very good point there. I guess I am worried that he is a bit shallow. He comes off that way a bit. I don't know why, but he does... well, maybe from the way he talks/the girls he seems to be friends with. They sort of seem like partiers? I can't put my finger on him yet though. Not that this matters so much, but it's not like HE's some super model... no offense lol. You know what I mean.

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    • Sounds about right, I work in a corporate office and I find that that happens to be the case with 90% of the men/women there. . . Which is totally not what they taught me in high school

    • hahaha yeah oh well I guess

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  • Thin super skinny girls are f***ing gross.

    Personally a pretty face is ESSENTIAL, BUTT, BOOBS and LEGS are secondary. FAT is a big turnoff. Curves are not however.

    About the guy, I cannot say, BUT I will say 99% of men think about it: "Have I upgraded or downgraded" etc...

    I'm sure all women do too.

    • hahaha what about muscular women? haha. I don't have any overhang on my tummy... so maybe that's good!

    • Yeah that is defidently a plus.

      Muscular is not that attractive, but TONED (probably what your implying) absolutely is.

      I personally respond better to active women. Even if they just jog three times a week. I've recently discovered that I have a thing for girls in martial arts, but that's kinda of personal... But I don't think many men would really complain, as long as the girl didn't emasculate them (or maybe they have the balls to just tolerate it without letting it get to their heads).

    • lol muscular/toned... same thing ish. yeah, you know what I meant. guess we'll see how this goes!

  • If I'm with a girl that means I'm in love with her, which in turn means the "shiny glow" that she gets makes her look prettier than anyone else. I compare but the ex never wins.

    • okay, makes sense I guess. I think I always try to go for nicer guys... but looks I don't compare as much

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