The No Contact Rule revisited: I want my ex back but how do I interpret his feedback?

I didn't contact my ex in 5 months. He tells me he needs some space after I just started talking to him. He even told me that he wants to still hang out with me. But when I asked him to see The Hobbut he has not replied to my calls or text messages. I know his job is full time and he is always busy with work. I don't know what to do. He was the first good boyfriend I ever had.


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  • First of all I'd say get over him because (re)relationships don't really ever work out.

    BUT... That's the hard part.

    If he isn't responding to you, that's not a good sign. If a guy responds late, that's better than nothing. If a guy likes you, his work schedule won't get in the way of that. (Unless he's a f***ing imbecile)...

    • Should I delete his number? I have heard mixed answers about deleting an ex number I heard that keeping it is a good idea so you can see his name and not answer. What do you think?

    • Yeah usually I keep people I don't like's number I my phone so I can see them calling and ignore it.

    • I don't understand, when I first contacted him after 5 months he was texting me then suddenly he stopped. He seemed cool. I do not understand why did he stop talking to me so suddenly?

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  • It shouldn’t be hard to get someone back after all you are the one reaching out, if they avoid you or make up excuses you got to ask yourself how worth it is to give yourself up for someone like that.

  • "the hobbut"? is that the gay p0rno version of the hobbit?

    • Yea and you were in it.

    • no sense of humor. no wonder your ex needed space.

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