How to schedule a date? Female help required please.

Hi. I have gotten a number from a girl on a dating site, and I am going to contact her tomorrow. My question is, should I call or text her? I was thinking of texting her and saying "Hi, this is so and so from such and such site. How are you?" and then asking if she would like to speak on the phone for a bit, where I would then arrange the date. Or should the entire thing be done via text?


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  • Well...if you have built a comfort level with her already through chatting on the site then I would call her, but don't be discouraged if she doesn't answer...she might be busy or caught off guard. Leave a message so she can call you back or text you. I prefer to do it by phone. Women tend to think you put more effort in if you call them...but I do like your text message suggestion too. It would give her a chance to be prepared when you call. Just say I'd like to talk on the phone are you available or when is a good time? Then take it from there. You got a good go for it and enjoy!


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  • I recommend initiating your conversation by calling her first because it adds a more personal touch. Good luck! :)


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