Ladies what are reasons you'd want to keep an ex in your life

there's this girl I know. I've known her since June. We dated for a little over a month and she wasn't ready for a relationship right then so we broke up. Couple weeks go by and she texts me she wants to remain friends. We're friends for about 4 months and she tells me she wants to give us a 2nd try. Few weeks goes by and she breaks up again because she has past man problems, and says we shouldn't ever speak/see one another anymore. Few months goes by and she texts me saying she's sorry, says she wants to remain friends after I don't know how to reply to a message. It just confuses me that she said we shouldn't see each other then a few months later goes back on it.

Thats my situation so I'm curious, ladies what are reasons you'd want to keep an ex in your life?


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  • I'm friends with my ex boyfriend. We used to be really good friends before we started dating. But when we dated, it ruined everything, and nothing has been the same since.

    I have no feelings for him. But I miss him. In the sense that I miss him being my friend, and I want things to go back to the way they were before. I don't have any lingering "feelings" for him. I wish we never tried dating each other, and just stayed friends.

    I think this girl is using you as a crutch. She knows you're always going to be there. So when she's lonely, she runs to you because you're available to her.

  • Like the commentor below I too am friends with an ex boyfriend.

    We were great as friends and great at the physical side of dating, but trying to mix those into a relationship did not work. - it had to be one or the other (just friendship or just making out), but I didn't see that immediately. We broke up and took a break from communicating, but I really missed dating him and we tried the dating thing again - still didn't work. Then we had to take another break before I was ready to contact him again to be just friends.

    So maybe she just needed that time off to get over you and get over those remaining feelings for you and now she is ready to be friends without other feelings getting in the way. If you don't want to be friends with her you're under no obligation too, you're exs, you don't owe her anything beyond courtesy or have to be extra nice to her (just respectful). It sounds like maybe you're not interested, soo...

    • Im not. I would be, but she got pregnant cause she apparently wanted a baby, has no connection with the guy. I have no intention at this point in time of dating a pregnant girl, or taking care of another man's kid. Does that make me a worse person?

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    • I don't think she has any interest I was talking tl her aunt the other day (who's more of a mom than her real mom) And she told me she was pregnant, and I started to tell her I thought her reasons for breaking up sounded implausible, and that I felt like there's something seriously wrong with me because she wanted to wait for me to commit to have sex, but slept with some random guy tl get pregnant. She told me there's nothing wrong with me and I said "well I know now to stay away"

    • She then said something like "please don't stay away" (during time I knew her I got really close to most of her family) and I said) "i meant wanting/pursing a relationship, I'll still come around if I feel welcome"

      Well she told her everything I said, which is what prompted her to text and apologize, so I think she knows I have no interest , and is why she's contacting me again. Then again, I'm just guessing.

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