What should I do if I have a date to prom but my 3 closest friends don't?

this guy that I have been kind of talking to asked me to prom 3 months before and I said yes... but then it turns out my friends have not gotten asked yet.

so who should I spend prom with ? my date or them?

who do I spend prom before and after with ?

any opinions and suggestions WOULD BE nice !


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  • start asking guys if they have a date to prom...im sure you can find 3 guys in your school who don't have dates and would love to take your friends...can you go give me your opinion on my latest question? just make sure your friends go with whoever you set them up with...lol have fun with it...

    • Well the girls I'm frineds with don't want to go with any of the guys at our skool. they don't like any of them... and I don't think I can make the guys go out with my friends.

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    • Lol. they are the good girl type to the extreme... I am not really that close with them. should I ditch them and be with my date 24/7 ?

    • I say that you offer to ask people in school to be their date and tell them they can't be picky unless they want to do the asking themselves. if they are going to be picky tell them that you're going with you date and you will say hi to them and have fun but recommend that they find dates or let you help them find dates if they can just be happy that someone said yes to going with them

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