So am I over him or what am I doing ?

This dude I dated was a big jerk, he ignored me for 2 months and now he has a girlfriend

and I've dated him on and off for 3 years


my heart doesn't hurt but I'm still if my mind is saying you have to be sad..


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  • Its normal to have some amount of remorse once a relationship ends.But you need to continue working on getting over that former relationship,so you can move on to another. If there was someone you happened to be dating at the moment,I don't think you would blink twice as to what he is doing.Just continue working on yourself.But what you are feeling is completely normal.Allow yourself to feel,but also allow yourself to move on.

  • You were together for quite some time, you don't get over someone just like that. Give yourself time. Before you know it, you'll notice you don't think about him as often anymore.

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