Mentioned hooking up, hasn't texted back?!?!?!

I met this sweet, popular guy at a party (who lives a town over) and we hit it off flirting. He had just broke up with a girl of 6 months and was getting back in the habit of dating and making out with other girls since her. (BTW, At my age, hooking up means making out at least) He texted me that night after and we kept texting from May to June when I left for camp. I seemed upset, or at least kept joking about how he couldn't believe I was leaving. Long story short I took a risk in December and texted him. He remembered me, and we joked our inside jokes and he brought up if I hooked up yet, and said I probably did (I hadn't ever when we talked) and I was like yes I got it over with and he was like I knew you were going to soon, I haven't since summer, and I'm a little rusty. Was he referencing hooking up with me? I texted him again a few weeks later but he didn't reply... Should I text him again? ALSO... If I hook up with him now, will that effect my life next year when I go to high school with him? I would like a relationship with him next year... What should I do?!?!?


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  • I think he didn't respond because you gave him the idea that you're seeing someone now.

    And if you hook up with him now, I think it would or would not affect your life next year depending on his reactions whether he want to move it further.

    If you want to have a relationship with him, show that you're interested in him. Never give him the idea that you're seeing someone or has made something that doesn't pass his approval (making out with other guys, i.e)


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