How to get a date after a hook up?

we slept together. he fancies me a lot but want to keep our relationship professional. I don't want a serious relationship but at least a date.


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  • Almost never happens. They did a study once where when they found out the girl had sex with the guy prior to commitment, he eventually committed only 14% of the time. Men do put girls who put out easily in the "have fun for now, but put no effort in to get a relationship" bin. It is unlikely that you'll get him to date you now, but you can ask. Expect it not to work, and try in the future not to have sex with men prior to them actually making an exclusive commitment.

    Hooking up with a man in the hopes of getting something more is an awful strategy. No one vagina is so special that it makes a man want to date a woman. You have to bring the personality first and the sex only after you've gotten commitment. You had your order wrong with this guy, but can learn in the future to avoid that same mistake.


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