Describe your favorite kind of kiss and if you prefer your partner to iniciate it?

I am very inexperience in kissing I actually gave my guy my first kiss he is pretty shy and I wanted him badly So I did, seriously I couldn't control myself I guess it was natural to me and I end Up shoving my toungue a bit on him but he doesn't do anything with his toungue he does like the kisses I think and he is good when he sucks my upper lips and I try to do the same to him...

I like the lip sucking to do and receive

Ah and do you guys like when the girl grab your hair during it?


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  • I love kisses in the shower, lips feel like heaven then :) and yes, always a lot of tongue!

    • Sounds fun need to add those to my Check list :)

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  • I Like for a man to bite my lips. I have small lips but they are soft. I Like to bite back as well , like you said , he has my top lip and I have his bottom . ;) Turn On