How to stand out when wooing a beautiful woman?

I'm going on a date with a beautiful woman and I basically have to assume she's dating/seeing other guys as well since that's the nature of the thing. I have a few disadvantages: I'm younger than her by 2 years and I'm not half as good looking. Also, I'm rather skinny.

The only good thing I have going for me is that she gave me her number on my own, though God knows why.

How do I make sure I stand out and how do I try to make it not a big deal?


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  • By being yourself. I was being courted by many abd going on a few dates with some, (none of which ended with so much as a kiss) when I met my boyfriend. It just clicked. The compatibility was there. In fact, in our case, I initially turned down his first attempt to go out because I had a second date planned with someone when we first met and I didn't want to even partially commit to a date in case the upcoming date went somehow good and I wouldn't feel like dating anyone else. When that guy unfortunately cancelled, boyfriend, at the time one of many attempting suitors, whom I was by then really enjoying his company in even text, asked me if I was upset. I told him no because I had no emotional attachment and was just being careful and fair about things. An hour later, he jumped on the opportunity and asked me to lunch the next day. I was very impressed at his action, that he didn't wait to lose the chance and quickly agreed, very atteacted by his bold approach. I accepted and we very quickly found out we were very compatible. We went on several more dates the same week, and by the end of it, I was content to accept us to take things exclusive (though I hadn't accepted dates already since I met him and went on our first date.) When we decided exclusivity, (only because it was very incredibly clearly mutual) I responded to any new messages from guys who had attempting to court me with a polite and tactful response that I'd begun dating and was no longer interested in continuing even casual nuance.

    Very seriously, he won me over before the date, as someone I enjoyed talking to (even then after only 3 days before the first date) We'd clicked inmediately and I saw characteristics early on that already made me feel like he was easy, interesting, attentive though not clingy, and not irritating (You'd be surprised how many were...) With his go getter approach that made me feel like he was fully interested and and didn't give up despite 'competition, I was won over even more. Our date was very warn and honestly...'it' was just there. I respected, admired, and adored him immediately. I was rivetted. Three months later and I'm so happy that he pursued me. He is by far, without a shadow of a doubt, the best thing outside my son, that has ever happened to me.

    And you know what? He still, with complete sincerity, admits to being completely thrown for a loop that I accepted and committed to a date. He's told me that he was fully prepared for and expecting a rejection and couldn't believe I accepted. (When I did, he actually responded, "Wow. Really?" or something to that effect that I found adorable even then and told him "Of course. Why wouldn't I?" But he went for it and asked me, thankfully for me, and now we're both very lucky he did.

    • so you were into him before you ever saw what he looked like?

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    • What made it different:

      -He took time to get to know me.

      -He wasn't pushy or demanding.

      -He didn't over enthuse how great I was. (many do that, verrry annoying, it implies we're not on the same level when we are)

      -He didn't back off or get jaded when I couldn't commit to a date.

      -He made light humor in our convos.

      -He didn't dis the chances of another suitor.

      -He didn't try to flex his skills or intelligence.

      All of which most guys generally do when trying to 'hook' a girl.

    • Sorry, I meant, many/most guys try to flex skills and over enthuse ours, what I should more accurately say, most guys do the opposite of the things on this list. It was a mixed list of do's and don't. Most guys do NOT keep it light while showing still showing interest.

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  • Being a true gentle man will certainly help, if your going out for a meal be sure to be nice to the serving staff, be considerate both to her and any other people you may encounter. High;y attractive women are often use to the big macho look at me stuff, be kind and sensitive, show an honest interest in her for more than her body.

    • yeah, looking at me, there's no way you'd think I'm a macho dude. That's why I think I'm at a disadvantage. I'm not muscular or a model or any of that.

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    • but it seems like I would need a little cockiness to get somewhere. I need to show her that her beauty doesn't affect me.

    • that would be confidence, there's a difference, confidence is attractive, cockiness is not, it's hard to explain the difference between them, think of cockiness being oh look at me I have all this stuff I'm so cool nothing you say or do can affect me. vs confidence being, I can do anything I really want I know I'm good at something and you can't bring me down. there is a difference

  • Treat her normal! Don't assume things based upon the way she looks! It's annoying as hell.

    Guys assume I'm dating a bunch of guys at the same time. I'M NOT!

    If she gave you her number she wants to go out with you. You don't need to think much in to it!

  • This other guy who commented hasn't got a clue , Women love to be impressed . Just don't try to brag or act superficial , But showing a woman who you are and being a gentlemen is a turn on.

    • He said "don't try to impress", not "don't impress". Which I think is exactly what you are saying.

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  • Just don't try to make it a big deal, and don't ever try to impress her. Impressing a woman is usually unattractive to their eyes because they are not seeing the real you, for you are putting up some superficial values.

  • Probably just wants you for sex...knowing beautiful women

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