Stolen kisses, girls vs. guys

Some girl just posted about these, and I (and all the other guys) told her it's totally hot for a girl to steal one. Even if I wasn't attracted to the girl, I would be like "Oh!...uh...thanks? Is it getting warm in here?" LOL

Anyway, is it different if a guy does it?

I know we're bigger and stronger, and there is the whole rape idea in everyone's mind.

Guys (nice guys) are taught from day one not to do anything to a girl unless she wants it.

So, what would a girl think about a stolen kiss? Not from a complete stranger, of course, that would be weird. But from a guy you are friendly with.

  • I'm a girl, and I'd like one from a hot guy
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  • I'm a girl, and it would be kind of hot even if I didn't like the guy
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  • I'm a girl, and if I didn't like the guy, I'd blow my rape whistle
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  • I'm a guy, and I've so wanted to do this, but I've been taught not to do unwanted things to girls
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  • I'm a guy, and I would never do this, it's wrong
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Daddy always tole me never ta steal a kiss he was right. I seen this big ole girl just loiterin aroun at the Denny's once, an she looked like a good one. So I went over an give her a big kiss, an she seemed ta like it reel good. Then I tried to tote her back home but she said I had to give her 10 dollars for the kiss I already got first. Said id have ya give her 100 more dollars if I wanted to tote her ta home. After I give her the money and fetched her home, come to find out she weren't a girl at all. It ain't right actin that way. Daddy tole me but I dint listen. Turns out, Daddy's been ta Denny's before.


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What Girls Said 2

  • im all for guys doing this type of thing! shows confidence and sex appeal! obviously just don't push it too far..

  • Yeh I voted A-that would be such a turn on! Stolen kisses are hott! Aslong as the guy is cute lol.

    • What if the guy isn't sure you think he's hot?

    • Then I'd still think it was hot but I'd also think it was really brave and sweet of him for having the guts to do it.

What Guys Said 1

  • i think that if a girl stole a kiss from me andshe was somewhat cute I would be down for it but I don't know how serious it would would also probably determine if I want to date her further or just be friends that kiss...though id definately want to know the girl before I kiss her...

    can you go give me your opinion on my latest question?

    • Sure, I'll look it up and answer, y not

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