Should I just accept the fact that it's over?

I haven't talked to a guy I was talking to in more than two weeks now. He won't answer any of my texts. It's not like I'm constantly texting him I send him one then that's it and I haven't texted him everyday. I always see that he gets on his Facebook so I know he's OK god forbid :( I don't want to keep texting him I don't want him to think I'm know :/ I just really liked him

Every thing seemed to be going so good too that's why I don't know what he's thinking. I'm just confused

I feel like I'm at least worth an explanation instead of the good ole silent treatment


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  • Holy cats! YES! Leave him alone. No more texting and no more FB-stalking.

    You do deserve better, but you aren't going to get it from him. I know it's hard, but move on.

  • I totally understand you wanting to know WHY he stopped texting you, but if he's not answering any of your texts, I highly recommend that you don't send anymore text and move on with another guy. Maybe this guy will text you again...maybe he wont. Just try to move on. Its too many guys out here to be sad over one. I'm sure another guy can replace him. & yes you ARE worth all the best including an explanation... It just sucks that some guys just don't get it and resort to the good ole silent treatment method.