Mixed messages from my ex..

My ex and I broke up about three weeks ago. He broke it off, but, at the time it was pretty mutual, he just was the one to say it. He asked to remain friends, and "see what happens." I initially said no, but, called him a few days later agreeing to try to be friends over time. I then realized I still loved him.

After this call, I did not contact him, but, five days later he contacted me to say hi, and we had a civil text conversation. Two days later happened to be Christmas, I texted him Merry Christmas, and we ended up talking back and forth all day.

I did not initiate contact after that, then, five days later he texted me to say hi once again. Conversation was normal, until he brought up that I went out the night before (I'm sure he saw this on my Facebook), and proceeded to ask me if my friends from the night before hated him, and jokingly asked how many guys I hooked up with while out. When I didn't respond he asked if it was too soon? I just said I'm not confirming anything, and he mentioned he was surprised that I hadn't asked him if he hooked up with anyone yet. I once again blew off this comment, so he changed the subject asking what I was doing for New Years. I told him, and he responded by saying he would want me to come out with him, but, he wasn't sure if he could "contain himself" if we drank together. Then, he said he was just going to stop talking and said Goodnight.

New Year's Day came around, I texted him saying I hope he has fun, and that I would be thinking about him. He said he would think about me, too and not to make out with any ugly guys. Then told me it would be weird having no one to kiss at midnight. I just ended the conversation there.

Midnight came around, I texted him after saying Happy New Years *Blows Kiss.* I know this was wrong, but, I was drunk. I immediately said sorry for being inappropriate. He continued to text me all night asking if I was okay. Then texted me the next day, we had a civil conversation, but, he brought up he was hurt because he thought I was trying to rub it in his face that I was hooking up with someone by my comments from the night before. I said I meant that I was pretending to give him a New Year kiss, and I was sorry. He said I shouldn't have been, it was natural to feel that way, and he thought the same thing at midnight, and he was barely drinking. He then texted me the next day saying he was sick and asked me to come take care of him, and started calling me babe again. I ignored the babe comment, and haven't talked to him in a couple days now.

I know this is a lot, and, I am also guilty of sending some mixed messages, but, I know I still like him. I'm just wondering what he could be thinking, or if he is just playing games? Or, if he really doesn't even know either. We are planning to hang out soon for the first time since the break-up, so, I'm sure answers will come then. Thank You!

*New Year's Eve ParaGraph Four.
We were Friends for a while before dating.


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  • I think he also wants you back that badly and he's not playing games.

    After all, he's asking about your "relationship status" like asking if you were hooking up, and how he wants you to come after being sick.


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