How can a girl get a guy to initiate a kiss?

There's this guy, he's a freshmen and I'm a sophomore (in high school). We have this long complicated history and yada yada but I still really like him and whenever we hang out I really want him to kiss me but I'm not sure how to hint at it, and I don't want to initiate it because I have no clue if he likes me as more than a friend or not. What should I do?


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  • What's the problem of you initiating a kiss? Why (according to girls) is it always the guy that is supposed to initiate everything: approach, asking out, first kiss. Great way so the girl doesn't have to be rejected, but it's always the guy.

    The best hint for a kiss is to initiate a kiss, if he then kisses back you'll get your kiss. If he doesn't want to kiss you, then tough luck. At least you'll know then you don't have to try send him those 'hints' as it would not have worked anyway and you would have just been wasting your time.


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  • At the end of the date, hug him,keep hugging holding in that position then look up expectantly and stop talking. He'll get it. :)

    here a cute way:put your finger to his lips and say "these" & then put the same finger into your lips and say "here"

    confidence is key :)

  • Perhaps, to get it straight, you should close your body into him like your bodies are glued together, and gaze at his eyes sexily, while you're moving your lips towards his. (When the two of you are alone and in some private place)

    To put it subtly, be touchy around him. Touch his arms, hands, shoulders. You should also make him wrap his arm around your shoulder or around your waist. This is a big first step towards your goal.


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